What is SuperSkills?

SuperSkills teaches the secrets to expert dribbling and complete ball mastery’. We use a Progressive Belt system borrowed from the martial arts disciplines and specifically adapted to soccer training by promoting our students through 6 levels of skill and agility development and mastery. This meritocracy is quantifiable and measurable which is a first in soccer specific training and setting a new standard unprecedented in the history of the sport.

At SuperSkills, we have developed the most up-to-date agility training system in the world. Agility is the main component in athletic development. Agile athletes in every sport are the most skilled and dominating athletes. Our goal is to clearly empower our students by helping them turn into excellent athletes. Everybody is constantly improving and nobody gets left behind.

We strive to create self-confidence and self-efficacy in every one of our students.

Where do you do it?

As of 2014, SuperSkills is successfully operating in:
• Jakarta, Indonesia
• Cairo, Egypt
• London, England
• Nashville, Tennessee – USA

And soon opening throughout South East Asia including Singapore and Malaysia.

Who are the SuperSkills people?

Our groups of talented individuals, in front of and behind the scenes, are best described as a group of soccer scientists constantly striving to improve our training methods in order to optimize player performance in the quickest way possible. We are driven to become a global force reaching all 207 Olympics participating countries. And to bring 1v1 Soccer to the forefront of all soccer related games and variations.

We passionately believe in what we do and we attract like-minded people. We are happy to share our knowledge and discoveries with all interested people.

Why should I choose SuperSkills for my child?

When your child learns and trains under the SuperSkills agility enhancement system, the consequences are staggering. If you admire the top skillful professional soccer players in the world similar to Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar then SuperSkills is by far your best choice for developing brilliant touch, movement and agility.

Is this system for boys or for girls?

SuperSkills is gender neutral and works equally well for both girls and boys. In fact, this system works equally well for adults. It is neither gender nor age restrictive. Anybody can learn and use this system to instantly improve.

What age can my child start?

If your child is ready to socialize then we start them as young as 4 years and continue with students all the way up to 17 years in our Jakarta Dojos. The average age of our players ranges between 7-14 years old in most classes.

So SuperSkills training is open to a wide age variation during the growing years and it is highly recommended by soccer experts to join a Dojo for at least one year to learn all of the basics that will be retained for a lifetime.

What is the shortest term to see benefits in the players?

You will see improvement after the very first session. We are able to improve every player at every session so the short-term benefits are immediate.

Although every individual is unique, long-term benefits generally take 6 months to begin to retain permanent agility in some exercises and movements.

Some players will accelerate faster than others but, under the Progressive Belt System, all players have an equal opportunity to develop ball mastery and expert dribbling within each belt category.

What happens when my child reaches the level of RedBelt?

The players who attain RedBelt will be seasoned and well experienced in both the SuperSkills culture and the sport of 1-v-1. They will have attained a level of competence and knowledge that can serve them in many ways in and outside of the soccer universe.

Additionally, attaining RedBelt grants the player the option to start learning as an assistant coach and further enhance their ability and character.

This option is entirely up to the student and he or she may or may not exercise the option. It is entirely up to the individual how they wish to use their RedBelt status.

What are the benefits of this system over other sports or activities?

Our focus is to teach players independence and self-discipline. We teach players how to train
themselves where all they will need is simply a ball and a very small physical area for warm-ups and drills. Our system allows them to practice and train themselves at any time and virtually anywhere.

Our SuperSkills regular training regime combined with the sport of 1-v-1 creates superbly agile athletes in the shortest time period possible.

How does this type of training affect fitness levels?

SuperSkills sessions are 100 minutes long for good reasons:
1.) Training sessions lasting 100 minutes on average are the maximum amount of time that most human beings can fully concentrate and develop in a state of optimal mental and physical development.
2.) 1-v-1 soccer matches are 3 minute rounds in duration because 3 minutes of high intensity aerobic activity is the ideal amount of time that is needed to develop superior cardiovascular health. Other sports such as boxing and wrestling among others have evolved to rounds of 3 minutes for this reason.

How long will it take to complete the entire system?

Any dedicated player could go all the way to PurpleBelt in 3.5 years by maintaining our continuous weekly regimen and mastering each required category.

But, as described, each Belt Level is segmented into 6 month periods or approximately 26 sessions per belt level.

What happens when the player reaches PurpleBelt?

PurpleBelt is the highest level of skill and education that a player can attain within the system. PurpleBelts are recognized as individuals who have mastered the system and have become ambassadors of our culture.

Another unique benefit for the students of SuperSkills is that once players reach the level of PurpleBelt then they have the option to become Head Coaches and get paid to lead and teach sessions. As SuperSkills grows and progresses, the PurpleBelts will have opportunities to travel all over the world to teach in various countries. And, in some cases, PurpleBelt coaches have gone onto becoming franchise owners themselves.

What is 1-v-1 Soccer and why do we promote and play it?

1-v-1 soccer is exactly that – player versus player in a court field the approximate size of a badminton court with rounds lasting 3 minutes. Playing this game forces players to develop faster than any other sport. The ball itself represents responsibility. Players cannot pass the ball to somebody else and they therefore must take responsibility for every moment during the match. 1-v-1 forces your child to develop excellent attacking skills and equally forces them to develop excellence defensive skills. It is simply the best way to develop skillful soccer players and super agile athletes.

SuperSkills 1-v-1 Tournaments are safe and abide by the rules and standards of the 1-v-1 I.S.F. (1-v-1 International Soccer Federation).

When was SuperSkills founded?

The original idea was conceptualized in 2004 by Marvin Suwarso and first put into practice in 2005. It then took 6 years to test and measure every warm-up, drill, and game to come to the optimal training sessions that are now an integral part of the SuperSkills culture and methodology.

Whom do you work with?

SuperSkills works in conjunction with all academic schools, soccer teams, clubs, and associations. We also recognize the value and structure of soccer schools & academies as a primary force in player development.

Behind the scenes, we are closely associated with the business coaching education company ActionCOACH (www.ActionCOACH.com) founded by Brad Sugars in 1992. All of our staff are continually educated on a regular basis and held accountable for the ongoing progress and expansion of this concept and business model.

How do you do it?

We use a tested and proven teaching and learning philosophy based on progressive skill and task mastery and developed within a cultural system of a meritocracy. The SuperSkills' Progressive Belt System is patented and trademarked starting at WhiteBelt and continues through 6 levels (Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red) to PurpleBelt. This system has proven to develop players at an accelerated rate far beyond any other system developed so far in the soccer sciences. Ball mastery is our ongoing challenge.

Mastery is not a temporary word; it means permanent retention when used at SuperSkills. We call the physical system the ABC’s of agility training. The mental side focuses on the key components of self-discipline and social interaction including how we interact with and treat others in order to accomplish our objectives.

How do I get involved?

Firstly, we would suggest that you decide which level that you would like to get involved:
1.) Player
2.) Coach
3.) Business Owner
4.) Dojo Franchising
5.) Regional Franchising
6.) National Franchising
7.) International Franchising
8.) Master Franchising rights

Please contact us through any of the following methods to let us assist you in becoming a part of the SuperSkills family.

Website: www.SuperSkillsSoccer.com
Email: SuperSkills@SuperSkillsSoccer.com
Phone: +62 815 1160 7218

Will graduating from this system guarantee that my child becomes a professional player?

It is not possible to predict which child or youngster will go on to attain professional contracts in a club at some future point. What we can assure you is that with dedicated adherence to our regimen, players will reach professional skill levels and with that ability they will have many opportunities to try their ability at collegiate, university and professional club level. At that point, it will become a mental challenge that they will face in order to continue in the game of soccer to continually higher levels.

Another great opportunity is that any player reaching the level of PurpleBelt will have the opportunity to be gainfully employed as a SuperSkills professional coach if that is their desire. This is what we can guarantee.

What is the future of SuperSkills and the sport of 1-v-1?

We have established ourselves with footholds in Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Our plan is to have representation in all Olympic (IOC) participating countries in the world.

We want to see one of our SuperSkillers become the world champion of the sport of 1-v-1 Soccer and one day soon win the Gold Medal at the Olympic games.

How long does it take to complete a belt level?

Each Belt Level generally takes 6 months and each level requires 26 completed sessions and mastery of 7 categories. Students who train more than once per week can accelerate their progress and test for the next level before the normal 6 month training period once 26 sessions have been completed. On average, the following time period to achieve PurpleBelt status looks like this:

• WhiteBelt (First 6 month period: Begins the process of permanent agility enhancement & retention.

• Yellow (Second 6 Month period: Become a skilled, agile & dominant athlete.

• Orange (Third 6 Month period: Become one of the most skilled players in the team.

• Green (Fourth 6 Month period: Be considered for select team status.

• Blue (Fifth 6 Month period: Recognized and performing as a top skilled player in all environments.

• Red (Sixth 6 month period: Reach the level of professional skills which is duly combined with professional coaching ability and expertise.

• Purple (Final period): Professional status. Reaching the level of expert knowledge combined with expert ability.
Once PurpleBelt, students have the right to become employed as coaches and lead the SuperSkills sessions if they desire.