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SuperSkills mission is to expand into every Olympic participating country worldwide and become a global force by 2020. SuperSkills Soccer is unique in that it allows the chance to work in football simultaneously at the highest level and at the most intimate level: The complete development of the players in an environment that thrives on quality training using the most efficient methodology ever developed for the following objectives:

  • Complete Ball Mastery
  • Masters of the 1-v-1 Challenges
  • Superbly trained, well disciplined & gracious athletes  
We teach the secrets to expert dribbling and complete ball mastery. And we are excellent at it.

We have no age limit at SuperSkills. We have players who have started from as young as 4 years old in some cases and running all the way up to 17 years old at the moment and we have had members even as young as 30 years old going through the system. Simply put, it is the dedication of the player which actually improves his skill using this system. The more one trains properly, the better one becomes.

We run our Dojo classes very similarly to martial arts style training systems. Everybody has a ball for the entire session, and contrary to regular soccer no passing is allowed in the Dojo, and the only time that the ball is risked is during the final segment of training when we play the game of 1-v-1 Soccer. So, as the name indicates, this training system is about creating permanent agility enhancement and higher than normal skill levels in every player. We aim at permanent retention in every student.

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