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Our Uniqueness

SuperSkills is unique and the only system in the world that uses this tested and proven methodology of creating expert dribblers. Players like Lionel Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar are our poster boys and Indonesia is fortunate to have this system in place. It took 8 years of testing and measuring to perfect this system and we constantly innovate to continue to improve the system. Our coaches spend at least one year in training before they are tested themselves to see if they are capable of running classes on their own.

We teach what the soccer schools, clubs and teams are unable to do and that is exactly what our name implies: ‘super’ skills which means, as previously mentioned, above and beyond normal skill levels. We concentrate on this and every single player benefits tremendously from this systematic methodology. We strive to leave nobody behind in our entire organization starting with the coaching staff, the management and naturally the players. Every player is just as important as every other player. This is our philosophy and we take it very seriously.

We welcome everybody who wants to be a good player, an excellent athlete, the best dribbler on their team and a self-disciplined and enlightened individual. And this is one of the reasons why we promote and play the game of 1-v-1 Soccer above anything else as our competition and our sport.

Every 6 months we have our National 1-v-1 Tournaments for all SuperSkillers past and present. The first tournament was held in September 11th, 2011 and was extremely successful. Then we began the system of hosting the national tournaments every 6 months continually right up to today hosting our 7th National Tournament on October 12th, 2014. We have had several new Champions crowed in the various age groups from tournament to tournament. These are super cool tournaments and every player who enters the competition loves it. It is great fun and very interesting for the parents who attend as well.

Now we have tournaments being held in America and England on a regular basis with the English Dojo SuperSkillers coming to Jakarta in April 2015 to test themselves against the Indonesian SuperSkillers. Ultimately, we will have international tournaments taking place in countries all over the world, And eventually, a 1v1 World Champion will be crowned.

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