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The Coaching Masters of Soccer Skill Development pass the torch to the next generation

Dale Mulholland stands alongside the masters of soccer skill development, the late great Wiel Coerver who changed the world of youth coaching and development with his Coerver Methodology and the grandfather of Indonesian football youth development, Coach Handarto.

In 2009, a gathering of the masters of youth coaching and skill development took place at Country Woods Estates near Jakarta, Indonesia. In the photo, Dale Mulholland (center) stands alongside the great Dutch coach, Wiel Coerver (right), who changed the world world of soccer with his life's dedication to improving the way that we approach skill development at all levels, and the Indonesian master of soccer skill development, Coach Handarto (left), considered the grandfather of Indonesian youth soccer development.

On this historic day, the coaches met to discuss their opinions, experience and research on soccer specific agility versus regular athletic agility as the theme of that particular afternoon.

Coach Coerver concluded the afternoon with the most excellent of quotes: 'SuperSkills has discovered the atomic secrets of football development!'.