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The SuperSkills System

SuperSkills is an individual skill mastery and sport education system organized and segmented into progressive belt levels starting from cadet level of WhiteBelt to master level of PurpleBelt achievable within but not limited to four (4) years.

The training system itself centers on the crucible of one versus one (1-v-1) to become a master of beating your opponent in various one-on-one situations and being able to defend against any opponent at anytime. 

We aim to improve soccer/football in all forms whether it is the traditional FIFA 11-a-side, indoor soccer, futsal or any other variation by improving the quality of training sessions. We have spent 9 years testing and measuring every drill, warm-up and game variations to discover the most effective of the many available.  Then by reorganizing and optimizing the training period into perfectly efficient sessions, the SuperSkills training system allows the concentrated effort of accelerated physical and mental development in the fastest possible time period.

9 years of carefully documented research and experimentation has been continually tested and measured to create the most efficient and 'optimalized' training system available in the world today. 

The touch and ball-agility developed by SuperSkillers is unprecedented in youth soccer development with thousands of pages of verifiable results and thousands of hours of video documentation available to compare.  This quest to get to the nuclear secrets of soccer agility has come to fruition in a major way and now is available for all.

In 2009, the late great Wiel Coerver called SuperSkills 'the system that has discovered the atomic secrets of skill development'.

We are grateful for Coach Coerver's blessing and recommend various Coerver drills in many of our clinics, sessions and forums.  SuperSkills Soccer respectfully recognizes and endorses the value and contributions of the great Wiel Coerver.

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