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SuperSkills Dojos 2015

SuperSkills Soccer Philosophy:  Our physical focus is concentrated on agility through repetition. Our mental focus is on the development of self-discipline for every one of our athletes.  From the moment the player enters the Dojo, a ball is put in their possession and should not be given away or risked until 1-v-1 segment of training.  Contrary to regular soccer, the term ‘passing’does not exist within the structure of SuperSkills.  What does exist is all of the terms involving athletic development of the physical body & the development of a healthy mentality combined with ball mastery.  Uisng soccer as our tool, we seek to develop self-efficacy in each of our students.  And this is our primary goal of the system and for the participants.

Please choose any of our available Dojos to train.  We are happy to show you this system.

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