A SnapShot of SuperSkills Soccer and the Sport of 1v1


SuperSkills Soccer has been purposely designed to train players using the most efficient methods available. We build the 'touch' of the player first. Then we build the agility in balance with that touch. We aim to create Ronaldino-like ability into our students. One way that we do this is by encouraging a minimum of 1,000 meaningful touches per training session.

Furthermore, we teach every student how to train themselves so they will never again be bored when in possession of a ball. The student walks away empowered with knowledge of how to improve themselves and others.  And they can do this with a very small training space with some drills needing only one meter of space to get a proper work-out. We teach these principles at every training session.

1v1 Soccer

To accelerate each player's touch, dribbling & agility, we play 1v1 soccer matches at each training session and we encourage all of our players to participate in 1v1 soccer tournaments that adhere to the rules and regulations of the 1v1 International Soccer Federation.

1v1 soccer is a game that actually forces players to develop as they have no outlet to pass the ball away. They must rely on their own ability to beat their opponent.

'Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.'

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