SuperSkills Favourite Moment

The great George Best scoring one of the soccer history's greatest goals of all time in the 1980's NASL.

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A SnapShot of SuperSkills Soccer and the Sport of 1v1

"The outcome of the match tomorrow (against Chelsea) will simply come down to which of the sides wins the most one on one battles."

- Sir Alex Ferguson: Manchester United -vs- Chelsea 2007

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Mission Statement

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SuperSkills mission is to expand into every Olympic participating country worldwide and become a global force by 2020. SuperSkills Soccer is unique in that it allows the chance to work in football simultaneously at the highest level and at the most intimate level: The complete development of...

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SuperSkills Success Stories

Singaporean Irfan Fandi Ahmad chosen as one of the Top 40 Most Promising Youth Players in the World.

He currently plays professionally in Chile at Universidad Catolica.

  • Irfan was a SuperSkiller during his most important formative years - age 10-14 years old (2007-2011). Now he also represents the Singapore U-19 National and the U-23 Olympic National Team. 
  • Many of the warm-ups...
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The SuperSkills System

SuperSkills Soccer teaches the secrets to expert dribbling and complete ball mastery.

Every warm-up, every drill and every game is purposely designed to create the most skillful and agile individuals in the absolute shortest time period.

Students coming through this system are attaining professional level skill and touch combined with confidence to handle the ball in any situation.